Monday, 14 August 2017

Sepia Saturday 381 : 19 August 2017

Our theme image this week shows a dispatch rider repairing a motor cycle in France during the Great War. The August 1915 photograph is part of the collection of the British Museum which is available on Flickr Commons. There are the usual generous collection of potential themes available within this image - you don't need to get down on your back with your spanners out to find them. Whatever theme you discover, just match it with an old image from your own collection and post it on or around Saturday 19th August and add a link to the list below.

Carriages and cycles seem to be cropping up a lot at the moment - here are the next two theme images.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Sepia Saturday 380 : 12 August 2017

Portrait of Herman Bang. Royal Library of Denmark Collection
In full profile, looking to the left is the Danish author Herman Bang, featured in this 1880 Cabinet Card. And if that sentence does not provide you with enough potential themes for this week's Sepia Saturday, you might want to take note that Bang was one of the leaders of the "quiet existences" literary movement which concentrated on "ignored people living boring and apparently unimportant lives". If ever a phrase summed up a fair proportion of my family, it is that one. So there is no excuse, this week - everyone must have an old photograph that fits somewhere into this collection of themes. All you need to do is to feature it in a post (on or around Saturday 12th August) and link the post to the list below. 

And you might want to interrupt your boring and apparently unimportant lives long enough to cast your eyes over the next couple of themes for Sepia Saturday.

Monday, 31 July 2017

Sepia Saturday 379 : 5 August 2017

 If you are of the opinion that we tend to repeat our Sepia Saturday prompts a little too much, you have to admit that this week for Sepia Saturday 379 (post your goats on or around the 5th August 2017 and link them to the list below) we have something a little different. It is time to look out your old family pictures which feature regimental goats - we all have one or two hidden away somewhere. If you haven't got any goaty images, well shame on you, you will have to improvise by finding a photograph of Great Uncle George with his goatee beard or your old nanny, or something similar.

And whilst you are chewing that problem over, you might want to look at what is awaiting you over the next couple of weeks.

Monday, 24 July 2017

Sepia Saturday 378 : 29 July 2017

Our theme image this week will bridge the gap between ancient and modern, past and present, sepia and digital; and provide a strong and concrete foundation to our weekly festival of old images. Yes it is that unmistakable structure, the Taft Bridge in Washington DC (although for a long time I was convinced it was the Valley Bridge in Scarborough!). The image is from the digital collection of the Washington DC Public Library collection, which has been made available through Flickr Commons. Interpret it as you will, and share with us a related - or unrelated - image from your own collection - or from someone else! All you need to do is to post a post on or around the 29th July and share it with the rest of the Sepia Saturday community by adding a link to the list below.

Here are the next couple of theme images for Sepia Saturday 379 and 380.

We do have themes chosen until the end of September but, as yet, the last quarter of the year is un-themed. So why not suggest a theme of your own that we can use sometime during October, November and December.  You can do this in one of three ways:-
- by letting us have a jpeg copy of one of your own old images that can be used as a Sepia Saturday theme;
- by suggesting an old picture that is freely available to download from services such as Flickr Commons or Wikimedia that you think would be a good theme image (but make sure that the image is available to use on a copyright free basis);
- by describing a theme ("a goat eating grass next to a chap in a silly hat") and leaving it up to Marilyn and myself to find some image that is on nodding acquaintance with the idea you have suggested.

We will do our best to try and translate your ideas and suggestions into theme images for future Sepia Saturdays. And if you have any other suggesting for keeping Sepia Saturday chugging along during its second decade, let us have those as well (using Facebook or Twitter or the like, for example). So put your thinking caps on, send in your ideas whatever they might be. Let us march together across the bridge that leads from indolence to a bright new creative sepia future.

I think I'm going to bed now. Goodnight.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Sepia Saturday 377 : 22 July 2017

I have almost missed the boat this week - it is entirely my fault and I do apologise. However here is this week's Sepia Saturday prompt which, hopefully, is better late than never. Just post your posts on or around Saturday 22 July and link to the list below.

And here are the ones around the corner:-

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Sepia Saturday 376 : 15 July 2017

Opening Of Norwood Sports Pavilion (1909) East Riding Archives Flickr Stream
Our Sepia Saturday theme image this week is, in its original state, just a little too sepia and therefore I have added a little contrast too Sepians can focus in on the detail a little easier.

However faded the print may be,  the celebrations are clearly visible, with flags flying and the very best hats being worn. The occasion was the opening of the new pavilion for the Beverley Town Cricket, Bowling and Athletic Club, in Beverley, East Yorkshire. The eagle eyed amongst us may just notice a cricket score in the background. Whatever game you play and whatever theme you care to identify and follow in this fine old photograph, all you have to do is to post a post on or around Saturday 15th July 2017 and link it to the list below.

Whilst you are waiting for inspiration - or for the bowlers to change ends - why not cast an eye over the next couple of theme images.


Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Sepia Saturday 375 : 8 July 2017

Diving Man (1911) California Historical Society via FLICKR
There comes a time when you just have to take the plunge: pluck up your courage, smile (or grimace) for the camera and dive in. And what better place can there be to jump into, than a Sepia Saturday theme party? So put on your swimming costume, rub yourself down with goose-fat (if you have to), and take the plunge on or around Saturday 8th July 2017. Once you have posted your post add a link to the list below. 

Whilst you are swimming around, take a look at what will be coming up soon on Sepia Saturday.

Monday, 26 June 2017

Sepia Saturday 374 : 1 July 2017

This is what happens when you give in to dogs. First of all they get to come on holiday with you and then, before you know where you are, they have their own little wicker-work houses and their own pet dogs and you just get the brush off.  I have no idea how you are going to match the theme image (which comes from the Flickr stream of The Past On Glass at Sutton Archives), but Sepians are never short of a link. Just post your post on or around Saturday 1st July and link it to the list below.

Here is what is coming up in the next week or two:-

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Sepia Saturday 373 : 24 June 2017

This is what my dog Lucy dreams of. Mum and Dad going on holiday in a little house on wheels so that she can come along as well and join in all the fun. And by the time you read this, we will indeed be away on holiday. But no little house on wheels, and (let's not tell her just yet), no Lucy. We will be in a nice cosy house and she will be in some nice cosy kennels. Such is life, and such is this week's Sepia Saturday theme image. As usual, just post your post on or around Saturday 24th June and link your post to the list below.

Here is a reminder of what is ahead:-

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Sepia Saturday 372 : 17 June 2017

A little lad - a cute little chap - watering a flower he has just planted in a garden. A smile of expectation on his face, a crop of questions in his mind. Will the plant flourish or will it fail? Will the gentle rains of spring and autumn bring it many fecund summers, or will the cold snows of winter stunt its ambitions? As many questions as there are stones in that dry stone wall, as many answers as there are swans in that sky. That is all you are going to get from me in terms of a prompt for Sepia Saturday 372 (post you posts on or around Saturday 17th June). You will need to plant your own post, water it with the cool richness of your imagination, and put it on display by linking it to the list below. 

And here is what lies ahead in the more immediate future.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Sepia Saturday 371 : 10th June 2017

Our theme image this week shows a man with a wooden box. Whoever the man is, he doesn't seem happy with life and maybe that could be a potential theme you would like to explore. There again ,there are boxes, men with bowler hats, and .... boxes. The photograph comes from the Flickr Commons collection of the National Library of Ireland, but for whatever reason it has now been withdrawn from Flickr - perhaps it was making everyone a little too miserable. You don't need to be miserable, of course, all you need to do is post a post on or around Saturday 10th June 2017 and link to the list below. Things get a little happier over the next couple of weeks - here is a preview of the themes.

And just in case you think that Marilyn and I have been sitting back with our feet up doing nothing but constructing wooden boxes, here is proof that we have been busy planning the next three months of Sepia Saturday fun. The is just an overview, of course, but hopefully it is enough to whet your appetite.

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Sepia Saturday 370 : Saturday 3 June 2017

This may look like just another old tree, but it isn't. According to the comments on the Flickr page of Cornell University digital collection - of which this Victorian albumen print forms a part - this is a photograph of the oak tree near Leamington which marks the geographical centre of England. As a Sepia Saturday prompt it might lead you in the direction of trees, or the centre of things, or fences, or things which turn out to be more than they seem to be. As always, the choice is yours. All you need to do is to post your post on or around Saturday 3rd June and then add a link to the list below.

And whilst you are wondering which direction to go in, you might want to pause and look what is around the corner. Here are the next two Sepia Saturday prompts. 

Now you know what is ahead, it is time to decide which direction to go in. Good luck.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Sepia Saturday 369 : 27 May 2017

Our Sepia Saturday theme image this week shows a man awaiting a delivery, on his guard, ready to strike out. All Sepians will recognise these emotions, they will know exactly what it is like waiting to find out what kind of ball will be delivered. This is exactly what Sepians feel like each week as they wait for the theme image to be published : ready, aware, expectant, senses stretched as taut as a violin string. And then the delivery is made and our hero strikes out and hits the ball out of the stadium - a perfect match for a perfect prompt. 

Whatever your response to this prompt might be, hit us with it on or around Saturday 27th May 2017 and add a link to your post to the list below. As you run between the bases, you might want to look ahead at what awaits you over the next couple of weeks.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Sepia Saturday 368 : 20 May 2017

Thank you Marilyn for reminding me to put the prompt up. Unfortunately I am just about to go out and I am away all day tomorrow! I will return and polish the prompt up before the weekend, but for the time being you will have to make do with the bare minimum.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Sepia Saturday 367 : 13 May 2017

Bob's Love Affair (Cinema 1915)- New York Public Library

Cinema still images are a wonderful photographic sub-genre. Designed to tempt you into the cinema, they need to set a scene and provide potential cinema-goers with a sample of the drama, the costumes and the stars they will see if only they buy a ticket. Our theme image for this week is a classic example - it is a still from the 1915 film "Bob's Love Affair". You can, of course, interpret the theme as you want - there is love, there are looks, there are hats and canes and there are costumes. Do with them as you will. The only regulation is that we would like you to do it on or around Saturday 13th May 2017 and post a link to your post on the list below.

Whilst we are loading the second reel, why not enjoy an ice cream or some popcorn and take a look at what is being featured next week and the week after.

Monday, 1 May 2017

Sepia Saturday 366 : 6th May 2017

By the time you will be reading this I will not be here - I will be off on my holidays, hanging out at some smart and sophisticated restaurant with the Mediterranean waves lapping up on my crocodile skinned shoes. I may be eating caviar on toast or snacking on a stuffed olive (those who know me well will know what nonsense this is - I will be having egg and chips and a pint of beer). The last thing I will be thinking about is what to submit for my Sepia Saturday post, but you lot have no excuse. Take a look at the theme image and post a post and link it to the list below, on or about Saturday 6th May 2017. And then take a look at what is on the menu for later on.